Electronic Recording Software

"TriMin’s electronic recording application is so simple and streamlined. Time and financial savings are remarkable. Electronic recording has increased the efficiency of our office, provides for fast turnaround time, and better service to our customers."

Lynn Ette Schrupp, County Recorder & Registrar of Deeds,
McLeod County, MN

Electronic Recording

TriMin’s LightHouse Electronic Recording application provides a fully integrated online portal for title companies, banks and other clients to submit documents for recording. Documents can be recorded and returned to submitters in seconds, rather than days. When a submission is received, counties can start the recording process immediately. Offering maximum efficiency, counties can record documents, endorse images and send them back without the submitter ever having to set foot in the office.

Features include:

  • Customizable workflow
  • ACH payment processing
  • Portal where documents are submitted and returned
  • Seamless imaging integration
  • Conforms to PRIA and state standards
  • Helper documents
  • Integration with state specific agencies
LandLink Document entry application screen shot
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