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LandLink, your complete solution…

LandLink streamlines imaging, indexing, reporting and retrieval for more efficient and effective record management.

LandLink is a suite of software products

TriMin’s LandLink is a complete, turnkey solution for county recorders and registers of deeds. LandLink streamlines imaging, indexing, reporting and retrieval for more efficient and effective record management. We partner with our clients to ensure our products continue to help them achieve a high return on investment.

Features include the following

LandLink Document Entry

LandLink Document Entry Software

LandLink is the most comprehensive land records management system in the marketplace. The customizable design of the system offers county recorders and register of deeds the ability to tailor processing options to meet the challenging needs of their office.

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Auto Indexing

Auto Indexing Software

TriMin’s LandScan Auto Indexing feature uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology with rule based logic to identify information such as names, dates, dollar values.

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Electronic Recording

Electronic Recording Software

TriMin’s LightHouse Electronic Recording application provides a fully integrated online portal for title companies, banks and other clients to submit documents for recording. Documents can be recorded and returned to submitters in seconds, rather than days.

When a submission is received, counties can start the recording process immediately. Offering maximum efficiency, counties can record documents, endorse images and send them back without the submitter ever having to set foot in the office.

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LandShark Online Access

LandShark Online Access Software

Our online access tool provides quick, user friendly access to public records. A favorite among title companies, LandShark provides online users the search capabilities they need without setting foot in the office.

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Vital Statistics

Auto Indexing Software

The Vital Statistics System is an indispensable record management solution for birth, death, and marriage documents, putting everything you need to record, track, retrieve and process vital statistics documents at your fingertips. TriMin customers use Vital Statistics for extensive genealogy search capabilities, appending internal notes and reminders, fee accounting functions, security mechanisms to protect data privacy, notification letter generation, several methods for printing certificates, and more.

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Land Notification

Land Notification Software

Land Notification helps property owners prevent fraud by arming them with information about documents that are being recorded against their name, business, or property. Each time there is recording activity on a specific property or name , an email is generated, notifying the appropriate individual of this activity. The email is customized by each county. This is truly a valuable service you can provide to your constituents.

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Imaging Software

TriMin offers the flexibility Counties need and want with integrations to over 15 imaging systems. Our software can integrate with the imaging solution that is already in place at your county. TriMin also offers a fully integrated imaging solution within our software.

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Bulk Image Transfer

Bulk image transfer Software

TriMin’s Image Mover software is a streamlined process that automatically copies images to a new location as they are recorded. This feature runs automatically on a schedule of your choosing.

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Hosting & Data Recovery Solution

Secure Hosting and Data Recovery Center

TriMin provides your County security from natural or man-made diasters. Ideal for Counties with limited IT support.

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Torrens Certificate Management

Torrens document certificate management software

TriMin LandLink offers a robust Torrens property and land management system for county recorders and register of deeds offices.

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