LandShark Online Access

Title companies absolutely LOVE LandShark. It is so much easier to search with when compared to other products. They are able to obtain the information they need, without having to drive to our office. Customers are not charged fees beyond what they would normally pay because of the tiered fee structures and multiple billing options. LandShark is a great product! Sarah Van Camp, Register of Deeds
Outagamie County, Wisconsin

LandShark Online Access

Our online access tool provides quick, user friendly access to public records and generates revenue for the county. A favorite among title companies, LandShark provides online users the search capabilities they need without setting foot in the office. A self-registration option allows credit card paid access to documents without any work on the part of county offices and no delay for the customer.

Counties keep all revenue generated through LandShark.

There are many payment options including:

  • Credit Card users
  • Subscription
  • Escrow
  • Invoice

Counties have the capability to provide online customers identical search capabilities without charging fees beyond what would be charged in the Recorder or Register of Deeds office.

Take a look at the newly designed LandShark application.

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