Vital Statistics

The Vital Statistics System is an indispensable record management solution for birth, death, and marriage documents, putting everything you need to record, track, retrieve and process vital statistics documents at your fingertips.

Vital Statistics

The Vital Statistics application is a record management solution for the following:

  • Birth
  • Death
  • Marriage
  • Notary Registration
  • Minister Registration
  • Pistol Registration
  • Military Discharge

Key Features

  • Extensive genealogy search capabilities, appending internal notes and reminders
  • Fee accounting functions - Built-in fee tables allow the user to establish how to charge for certificates (certified and uncertified, along with miscellaneous services). Users set the fees for each type of certificate (birth, death and marriage), establish whether or not and how to charge for multiple copies, and establish how and if fees are split across agencies.
  • Security mechanisms to protect data privacy
  • Notification letter generation
  • Certificate printing
  • The integrated document imaging option allows users to scan any vital statistics document into the system. It then provides on-demand retrieval, viewing, and printing of the original certificates and related documents.
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