Land Notification

Mortgage fraud is a fast growing crime

Alert your county property owners when there is recording activity of a property

  • Lowers the risk of fraud
  • Great marketing tool for the county
  • Accessible via the Internet
  • Customizable
  • Generates revenue by directing customers to LandShark

Land Notification

Land Notification helps property owners prevent fraud by arming them with information about documents that are being recorded against their name, business, or property. Each time there is recording activity on a specific property or name, an email is generated, notifying the appropriate individual of this activity. The email is customized by each county. This is truly a valuable service you can provide to your constituents.

Great Service and Marketing Tool

Land Notification is not only a great service you can provide to the residents of your county, it also is an excellent marketing tool for County Recorders/Register of Deeds. The Land Notification home page is fully customizable with the option to add your county logo and picture.

Land Notification Alert software screen shot
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